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More About Tennessee

Tennessee is a state located along the banks of Tennessee River. It is bordered by Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas.

A top thing to do in Tennessee is to check out the many natural wonders that the state has to offer. If you are visiting Tennessee and are keen on exploring some of the national parks in the area, then you can easily go to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park, which is managed by the Department of Interior, is among the famous and best places to go while in Tennessee. It is also home to several other natural and scenic attractions, including the Creek Tributaries National Recreation Area and the Big Red Bridge. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been rated as one of the top ten destinations in the United States by various tourism organizations.

Don't miss the Blue Ridge Mountains National Heritage Area. It is very well known for its peaks and greenery, particularly the famous Smoky Mountain National Park. The famous Roaring Fork Road runs through the Blue Ridge Mountains National Heritage Area. Blue Ridge is also popular for its wine and fine dining restaurants.

The largest city in the state -- Nashville -- is located on Nashville Capitol Hill and is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Franklin and Younger. Nashville, still the center of the Tennessee music scene, with the Grand Ole Opry, a music hall of fame and numerous blues clubs. Memphis, the second largest city is northwest of Nashville, is home to numerous famous blues clubs, including the famous Mokhtar's Blues House and the now Historic Third Street Blues Club.

If you are looking for the ideal place to visit during your vacation in Tennessee, you should visit historic Nashville. It is the home to more than two hundred parks and gardens, most of which are absolutely unique. Another popular attraction in Nashville is Graceland. Famous for its Graceland Museum, this museum is considered as one of the largest museums in the entire world.

For those who want to visit the best things to do in Nashville, they should definitely check out Beale Street, which is located on the famous Beale Street in Nashville. Beale Street was made popular by its first owner, who is the legendary jazz singer and songwriter Louis Prisley. The Beale Street Arts Center, designed and named by the distinguished photographer, houses several attractions. The museum features the original furniture and objects used by the renowned artist. It is one of the main attractions of Tennessee tourism and is a great place to spend the day if you are there to enjoy the night life in Nashville.

If you are in touch with country music then you must not miss the Nashville Sounds Music Festival. It is held at the Murfreesboro outdoor center every year during the beginning of August to celebrate the joyous Nashville Sound. This particular festival is one of the best things to do in Tennessee because of its colorful atmosphere, helped by several fireworks displays. Apart from these, Murfreesboro is also known for its horseback riding, bicycle riding, camping, hiking and a lot more. As you are traveling through Tennessee, you will surely have the chance to visit some of the beautiful smaller towns too.

Local colleges include Black Mountain College, Blairsville University, Bible College, Cedar Valley College, Centennial College, Johnson State Community College, Jones State University and Murrieta College.

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